For the projectors and screens:

  1. Before cleaning your screens and projectors you must turn off the lamp and unplug the cord from the outlet. If it is hot then allow it to cool.
  2. Apply a lens tissue which dampened by the cleaning liquid or use a standard brush for cleaning. You can also use a soft cloth.
  3. If the grilles are dirty, swab them with a clean and soft cloth with a mild detergent and after that again swap them with a dry cloth.
  4. Always use a dry cloth to clean the dust around the power plug. But do that after unplugging the power cord. Try to clean it at least once in every year. But if it regularly exposed with dust then clean it after two weeks.
  5. Never Touch the lens or apply any pressure onto it as you might damage it.
  6. Never spray inside to the projector.
  7. Not allow any kind of plastic or rubber equipment to get in contact with the projector.
  8. Never allow the projector to get in contact with the water or work near it.
  9. Never use newspapers to clean the projector screen.
  10. Do not use circular motions while cleaning the screen of a projector.

For the DVD Players:

  1. Unplug the player before cleaning it or using any liquid to clean it. Always use the disc cleaner to cleaning the inside.
  2. Use dry and cotton cloth for both the front and face panels.
  3. Use the wet cloth to remove any fingerprints or other residue.
  4. Never Use any paper towels or any harsh materials for cleaning.

For the Sound Speaker Systems:

  1. Again use the soft lint-free cloth. Carefully remove the grills and after that gently clean it with a vacuum cleaner quickly.
  2. Use a soft cloth dampened in mild detergent water for the outsider speaker and remove the dirt, twigs and spider webs around it.
  3. Do not use any chemicals, salt water or vinegar while cleaning.

For Cables and Connectors:

  1. Always label your cables and cords and separately Bundle your power cables, audio cables and video cables.
  2. Use the big binder clips for holding the cables behind your desk. However, before that, you must unplug them.
  3. To keep the connection smooth in your home theater, first unplug it and then re-plug the cables after sometime.