Controlling lighting systems can create special scenes other than the mere turning off lights. Many people do not know how to design the lighting system according to their family’s mood and needs. This is what the smart lighting system does. It not only lights your home and yard, but also add a charming dim glow in the home environment.

The following tips will help you to choose the right lighting systems for your home: 

  1. The main feature of the control of lightening system is the scene. Scene settings will allow you to control the lighting behavior of a given area.
  2. Using the lighting scenes for home automation also shortens your routine and allows you to activate them with one-button commands, which is much better than preset schedules.
  3. One of the best benefits of using scenes in a home automation organization is that it never restricts the lighting alone. It allows you to combine the lighting scenes with home theater activities, temperature settings or security systems.
  4. You can activate the scenes with tablets, touch screens or phones, wall mounted key pads or by remotes.
  5. You must make it sure that your home’s lights have been included into a central power system. In doing so you will be able to operate multiple lights in several rooms on several circuits. Though it doesn’t a matter whether the lighting system is wireless or wired.
  6. The most common and practical lighting scenes used in homes for lighting control and automation systems can be classified into 5 categories. They include:

Night scene: some programmers introduce it as Goodnight. You must decide which lights should be switched off and which ones should stay on. You also need to choose lights that should be dimmed, if any. You might leave some lights such as the staircase light on so that people can see the way to the bath or kitchen. You might also combine this with a scene that should automatically change the temperature.

Morning scene: you can use the morning scene, which should be set to turn on the kitchen lights and turn off the outside light automatically. You can also choose your home automation system to turn on the favorite news channel on exact time.

Dinner scene: you can use the dinner scene lighting by flashing the lights on and quickly off in order to remind the members that the dinner is ready to serve without shouting! A dinner scene also turns on the lights in dining rooms and turn off the lights on living rooms.

Reading scene lighting: If you have a reading room and you are a book lover, then you can use the read scene to create an ambient environment. You can turn on the light close to your chair and turn off all the other lights. Lighting scenes are creative and practical, so you can use it in your own style.