Hometek is the exclusive dealer in home automation and technology services all over South Africa. Your home is your world and therefore we provide from the ambient lightening system with the latest touch screen power panels. It is known to us that without any idea, technology is nothing and so our home skill solutions will help you to reach your desired home, which would be truly exceptional.


Our home automation and technology services are as follows:

Home Security Service

At Hometek, you can rely on our security service. We always take every project very seriously. From start to end, we install and design our own security systems, which includes the successive management of your home system. We believe that our advanced security systems are all you need to make your home secure.

Our modern security service will fully customize your system to integrate with the others in the set up to activate the lights when you are not available at home. Our smart home automation solution will help you to keep an eye on your property no matter where you stay in the world.

The installation of Home Cinema and Design

You might get a better experience watching a movie in your home theatre rather than a local cinema hall. We can create cinema rooms, which should be designed according to your wish. For that, we will guide you through the whole process while taking into account every aspect of the design. Truly, a good design involves experience, expertise and dedication. We are proud, as we are able to offer such solutions.

Our Access Control Service System

We use the latest technology in our access control installers in South Africa. We are able to meet any kind of security systems for home and other belongings. Before we install security features, we first discuss with every individual about the security requirements and then recommend them any one of the following services such as Control 4, Impro, BPT and Siedle.

Planning and installation of CCTV

At Hometek Automation, we plan, design and install the best CCTV systems. Home security is very important, therefore, we suggest to our clients the best CCTV security system that will guarantee them the best results. This technology will enable you by allowing the entrance to your property within any particular room in your house. We not only provide the CCTV but also design and carry the advice on combining the CCTV technology with focusing on areas that are more valuable. Our innovative CCTV security solutions can be customized to record movements in your home. Mainly we suggest two kinds of CCTV system. Although they differ in the installation method, both offer HD pictures.

The Entertainment of Room services

Hometek Automation team has the technology specialists who can install, plan and design for the home entertainment rooms. We have done our successful entertainment installations services in South Africa and other areas. These services are includes with the following projects:

  • Walls with video system
  • Home Cinemas at home
  • Gaming stations

Lighting system services

Hometek specialist team also provides lighting design and services. We can renovate your home internal lighting. We can also incorporate your external lighting systems. Our smart team provides the special and intelligent lighting systems, which accessed from a single lighting to a control panel at your home.

Data Network Installation services

We believe that the smart home installations must ensure the high-speed network with the latest data. We create the wired and wireless network, which should allow you to get the full connectivity and to roam from one room to another by being connected to the internet network around the home. We also install and design the best network system for your home as well as for your business

Other services

AV Installation services for multi rooms:

Now a day we are able to install the best AV systems at the market. We have the specialists for accessing your AV via a home control system. So if you are looking for an AV advice for home automation, planning, or designing then get a touch with us.

Acoustic service systems:

We are able to undertake the room acoustic survey and can identify where the loudspeakers should be placed by locating the key areas such as dedicated home cinemas. We know that sound quality is of vital importance and we offer the latest acoustic installation and design services. We also like to ensure you that you are receiving the best audio system in your home or a special room.